Audiomachinist Geert Jonkers

is inventor-of and performer-with mechanical sound devices since ’92. His works vary between a musical box with polka-clapping art teethings and landscape instruments of 400 square meters. With basic mechanics, a playfull style and a good sense of humour he brings numerous pieces of worn down industrial leftovers and second hand junk alive in new, mostly noisy installations. 

All works have the feel of being made with great care and naive craftsmanship. The installations stand out in imperfection, offer consolation and challenge their audience to get inventive. Audiomachinists’ grinding sound poetry has been subscribed spot-on in Dutch press as ‘Jean Tinguely meets Tom Waits’.

Over the past 20 years, Geert worked with theatre and music groups such as BOT, Odd Enjinears (Cape Town & Amsterdam), Dogtroep, Marike Jager, Warner & Consorten and De Staat. Work was staged in Holland, throughout Europe and South Africa at numerous theatres, arts festivals, street corners, music stages, varying from the Dutch Kröller-Müller Museum as well as Pinkpop main stage.

Geerts works mostly as a core member of the musical foursome BOT. Alongside there's a range of commissions, coproductions and private  projects as performer, set builder, inventor of sound rarities, collector of megaphones, vices and noisy oddities.

A brief CV in English you can find HERE. Please feel free to challenge me with any relevant question on building sounds or otherwise related stuff through the contact page.